Big-Mama-(Fox and the Hound)
Big Mama
Background information
Feature films The Fox and the Hound
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Gary Goldman
Ron Clements
John Lasseter
Voice Pearl Bailey
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Caring, intelligent, motherly, pure, thoughtful, sweet, kind, warm, selfless, friendly, generous, loving, protective, honest, wise
Appearance Obese owl, beautiful, brown feathers, orange beak
Occupation Tod's guardian, Dinky & Boomer's boss
Goal To protect and help Tod
Home A tree
Allies Tod, Vixey, Squeaks, Copper
Minions Her sidekicks Dinky and Boomer
Enemies Amos Slade (formerly)
Likes Tod and Copper's friendship, happiness of others, her friends, Singing
Dislikes Tod insulting Vixey, trouble
Powers and abilities Flight
Weapons Her beak
Fate Sees Widow Tweed bandaging Amos' sore foot from the attack of the evil bear.
Quote "Well, look who's here."
"You'd better believe it, Tod. Yesiree!"
"It's either education or elimination."
"Darling, forever is a long long time and time has a way of changing things."

Big Mama is a character from Disney's 1981 feature film The Fox and the Hound. She is a good friend and mentor of Tod.


Big Mama is an owl that appears to live close to Widow Tweed's home. She appears to be close friends with Dinky and Boomer, as well as forest inhabitants like Vixey.


She is a motherly character who coordinates Tod's adoption by Widow Tweed, and later advises and cares for Tod while he is growing up. She possess a great deal of wisdom, and is generally friendly to everybody.

Role in the film

Big Mama is the first to discover the newly orphaned Tod, and is quick to comfort the young fox. Together with Dinky and Boomer, she arranges for Tod to be adopted by Widow Tweed. When Tod grows older, she takes notice of the irony of Tod's best friend being Copper, who is his natural enemy. When Copper is taken away on a hunting trip, Big Mama takes Tod aside and explains the dangers of his friendship with Copper. Big Mama shows Tod the numerous animal skins that Copper's owner Amos Slade has hunted down, and tells Tod that Copper will be a trained hunting dog when he returns, and thus a danger to Tod. Tod initially rejects Big Mama's advice, claiming that Copper would never hunt him.

When the adult Tod is released into the wild, Big Mama flies to the forest. While searching for Tod, she finds Vixey, a vixen who grew up in the woods. Big Mama arranges for the two to meet, as Tod has no idea how to survive in the wild. Inexplicably, despite being one of the main characters, Big Mama didn't reappear or even get a mention in The Fox and the Hound 2.


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