Background information
Feature films Zootopia 2
Television programs
Video games Zootopia 2
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Hank Azaria (movie)
Jim Ward (video game)
Performance model
Inspiration Prince Hans from Frozen
Creek from Trolls
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Creeklicious
Other names Stupid Snake (by Bellwether)
Personality Wise, zen, kind, calm, sweet, gentle (formerly)
Mean, greedy, evil, devious, sneaky, murderous, power-hungry, bad (currently)
Appearance Enormous Indian python with golden yellow skin, yellow eyeballs, golden brown spots on his back
Goal To love Judy
To turn Judy and Nick into men (succeeded)
To kill Judy and Nick and rule Zootopia (failed)
Home Zootopia
Allies Judy Hopps (formerly), Nick Wilde (formerly), LeFou
Minions LeFou
Enemies Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, Bellwether, Mayor Lionheart, Olaf, Bailey, LeFou (formerly)
Likes Judy Hopps (formerly), Nick Wilde (formerly), romance, LeFou
Dislikes Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, bugs, seeing Judy sad, Bellwether, Lionheart, Olaf, Bailey
Powers and abilities Millionare Magic
Fate Gets locked in a cage by Judy and Nick (movie)
Gets hit by Judy with Chief Bogo's club. At a post-credits scene he is eaten by a monster. (video game)
Quote "Boop!"

Creek is a supporting character-later-the secondary (later true main) antagonist of Zootopia 2 and it's video game adaption.


In the beginning of the film, Creek is first seen spotting Judy Hopps and sings about his plans to marry her. After Judy's song, he catches Judy and introduces himself. Judy and Creek had a little chat about being married. Then Judy left Creek after he asked her if the wedding will start.

Later in the film, Creek heard Judy and Nick Wilde's crying of missing Bellwether, Mayor Lionheart, Olaf and Bailey. He says that he will help them. He tell Nick and Judy that they will believe in themsevles. He made a plan to follow them saying that he will turn them into men with his millionare magic much to Nick's pleasure and Judy's delight. He tells Judy and Nick to close their eyes and got a suit, a necktie and a jacket. He put the suit and necktie on Judy and the jacket on Nick. He says the magic words, "With my millionare magic and two waves of my tail, I command the two of you to turn into men." Judy and Nick are shocked. Creek lets them go.

Creek is in his castle by a fireplace. He is distracted by Judy and Nick who appear. Creek says "Oh, Judy. You know your love is gone. You would always be alone. You would die forever and ever. You and your fox friend will be locked up forever." He puts out the fire and left Judy and Nick.

Later, Creek hears the news and says, "I say we kill the fox!" He sings the Mob song with LeFou and his buddies to go to the castle. He crashes the party and says, "Well well well. I got you now Rabbit." Creek manages to destroy Judy and Nick. During the big battle, he chases Judy and Nick. Bellwether calls Creek, "You are fired, stupid snake." Judy manages to trap Creek. Creek says, "Gotcha!" Creek is caged by Nick.


  • Creek is similar to Prince Hans
    • Both were at first thought to be good.
    • Both were the love interest of the protagonist, who is also a girl (Judy and Anna).
    • Both later turn against the protagonist.
    • Both get their comeuppance (Creek is trapped alive whilst Hans is sent back to his kingdom to be punished by his brothers).

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