A bugs life 2 - Dinamos
Background information
Feature films A Bug's Life 2: The Revenge of the Grasshoppers
Television programs
Video games A Bug's Life 2: The Revenge of the Grasshoppers
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jonathan Freeman
Performance model
Inspiration Jafar
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Ant witcher
Personality Cunning, suave, cruel, evil, dark, mysterious, conceited, snobby, selfish, vindictive, plucky, psychotic, insane, dramatic, shadowy, violent, wrathful, persuasive, classy, cynical, vain, deceptive, impatient, smooth-talking, funny
Occupation The Queen's ex-advisor and ex-lieutenant, Sorcerer, Hopper's uncle/partner (adopted/deceased), Grass's father/partner (adopted)
Affiliations Bad
Goal Overthrow the king, destroy Queen Atta, his arch-enemy Flik and become the ruler of The Ant Island
Home Ant Island (formerly)
Hopper's Hideout
Relatives Hopper (adopted nephew/deceased), Grass (adopted son)
Allies Hopper (deceased), Molt (formerly), The grasshoppers (formerly), Thumper (formerly), Grass (formerly), Termites, Termite Chief
Enemies Queen Atta, Flik, Dot, The Queen, Circus Bugs, Molt, Dr. Flora, Mr. Soil, Thorny, Cornelius, the Blueberries, Thumper, Valian
Likes Power, magic, leadership, fame, Villain, King
Dislikes Lizard
Powers and abilities Alchemy (initially), vast sorcery abilities, minor darkness control

Dinamos is ant evil witcher and is the two and true main antagonist in in Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life 2: The Revenge of the Grasshoppers. He was voiced by Jonathan Freeman.

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