Disney Sing Along Songs: The Lion King (also known as is Disney Sing Along Songs: Circle of Life in some countries) a Disney Sing Along Songs video released on December 13, 1994 and the DVD release in the future.



  • Hosted by Jiminy Cricket (1st edition only. 2003 edition featured voiceover only)
  • Following the Leader" is only in the UK version and replaces "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat".
  • Songs in the 2003 DVD release.
  • 2003 DVD Release includes Vocabulary Game and Guess That Song.
  • Known as El Rey Leon: El Ciclo Sin Fin in Spanish, released in Spain. Also known as El Ciclo de la Vida.
  • One of the Spanish versions (not the original one from Spain) can be found as a bonus feature in the 2003 DVD release and is like the 2003 release with the title cards.
  • The timing of the words are different for "Part of Your World" in the 2003 version.
  • Song in The "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" sing along has a the future DVD release.


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