Background information
Feature films The Fox and the Hound 2
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Reba McEntire
Performance model
Inspiration Rita from Oliver and Company
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Dix
Personality Beautiful, ditzy, silly, snobbish (formerly), kind, harmonious, quick-tempered, manipulative
Appearance Slender Saluki, red hair, beige fur, tan underbelly, black nose, black bow
Occupation Member of the "Singin' Strays"
Goal To sing in Cash's group (succeeded)
Relatives Cash (boyfriend)
Allies Cash, Waylon and Floyd, Granny Rose, Tod, Copper, Zelda
Minions Cash, Waylon and Floyd, Granny Rose, Tod (formerly), Zelda
Enemies Cash (formerly), Copper (formerly)
Likes Singing with Cash, country music
Dislikes Being fired from the band, being replaced, humiliation
Powers and abilities Singing, howling
Weapons Teeth, claws
Fate Joins Cash and the gang, before getting her big break performing at the Grand Ole Opry.
Quote "You see Tod, relationships and show business, they just don't mix."

Dixie is a Saluki and appeared as the (formerly) main antagonist and main anti-heroine in Disney's 2006 film The Fox and the Hound 2, midquel to the 1981 film The Fox and the Hound. She is a member of a band of dogs called the "Singin' Strays".


She is kind and beautiful, but she gets into an argument with Cash when he fires her and she becomes nice to Cash once again, where she and Cash have a relationship and sings the final note of We're in Harmony.

Role in the Film

Dixie is a vital member of Cash's group, the "Singin' Strays," who gets into an argument with Cash towards the very beginning of the movie. She causes chaos after feeling she had been replaced by Copper. She tricks him into eating peanut butter before he got to sing. After Cash learns this, he tells her that she was through. After speaking to Zelda and later Tod. partly sharing how hurt she is with her fight with Cash, she finds information from Tod that proves useful to her cause. She showed a naughty grin.

After convincing Tod to help her, all destruction breaks lose at the fair, causing Copper to be fired from the gang. This causes turmoil in the gang, and they all end up quitting and going their separate ways. Feeling sorry for Copper, she tells him that Tod never meant any real harm and that he just wanted to remain his best friend.

In the end, Dixie and the rest of the gang are reunited again and sing at the Diner, where a Talent Scout is at, allowing them to get their big break, performing at the Grand Ole Opry. The Characters later listen to them, on the Radio?


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