Dodge on The Block is a song which features in the Oliver & Company 2. In the song, Dodger, whose supposed singing abilities are brought to the attention of a talent scout, sings it about how he rules the streets of New York. Frank Welker, who voices the character in the series, also provides Dodger's rapping vocals.


Dodger: (spoken) OK, I'm gonna show you how it is.


I run the streets

No question about it

From Harlem to the Bronx

Ain't no doubt 'bout it

I'm Dodge on the block

Got it on lock

They all know me

D to the O to the D-G-E

Imma real tough dawg

Been running the joint

From the day I was born

I'm hot like fire

Ain't no liar

I speak only the truth 

And nothing else

My name is the Dodge

Dodge on the block

Got it on lock

So when y'all see

Wit' my homies

Y'all better respect me

I am D to the O to the D-G-E



  • Before recording the song, Frank Welker admitted to never having listened to or singing hip hop music.
  • This song moves from the pop soundtrack used in the series and goes for a more nu metal/hip hop feel.
  • Canadian rock star Bryan Adams played guitar on this song.

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