Donald Duck and the Black Cauldron is a crossover fanfiction written by MasterPencil. It is based on The Black CauldronThe Great Mouse DetectiveThe Fox and the HoundOliver and Company and House of MouseIt was published between 2011 and 2013 on 


Donald Duck meets the Black Cauldron protagonistsat the House of Mouse and feels sorry for them as he discovers how much they have been forgotten. He decides to help them to rebuild their reputation and presents them at the House of Mouse. But shortly after that, a strange devil who looks like an hybrid of Peg Leg Pete and the Horned King steals the Black Cauldron while Dallben is kidnapped. As the story goes, it appears that the Shady Sides, the deleted versions of the classical characters, have decided to take over Prydain. Donald, Mickey and a "Disney 80's League" help Taran and Eilonwy save their home from the combined machinations of the Horned Pete, the real Horned King, and the Shady Sides led by Dallben's shady side, Dall.

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