El Chupacabra
Background information
Feature films Planes
Television programs
Video games Planes: The Video Game
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Carlos Alazraqui
Performance model Gee Bee Model R
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names El Chu
Personality Excited, ecstatic, dramatic, passionate, romantic, energetic, honest, loyal
Appearance Red and white airplane, with a single propeller, a green mask and stripe, a green and yellow cape, number 5 on tailfin
Occupation Racer
Affiliations Good
Allies Dusty Crophopper, Ishani, Skipper Riley, his girlfriend Rochelle, Chug, Dottie, Bulldog, Franz Fliegenhosen
Enemies Ripslinger, Ned and Zed
Likes Rochelle, racing
Dislikes Disrespect, cheating
Powers and abilities Racing
Quote "I... swish my cape at you!"

El Chupacabra is Dusty's best friend, and one of the tritagonists of Disney's 2013 movie Planes.

Official Bio

The intensely charming El Chupacabra is a legend in Mexico (just ask him). Powered by his passion for racing (not to mention the elusive Rochelle), this caped Casanova is anything but low-key—his booming voice and charismatic presence are as big as his oversized engine. His cohorts aren’t really sure what is truth and what is delusion when it comes to El Chu, but one thing is beyond doubt: he races with a whole lot of heart and more dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes.


He has a character song called "Love Machine", which he sings to Rochelle to woo her.

Planes: The Video Game

In Planes: The Video Game, El Chupacabra is a playable character in both the handheld and the console version of the game. His four chapters are Super El Taxicabra! (taking pitties to their destinations in Germany), Ticket to Ride (racing against a freight train in Deadstick Desert), Twist of Fate (racing in Propwash Junction during a twister) and Air Force Juan (recreating a scene from a movie he starred).


  • El Chupacabra is Spanish for "the goat sucker", the rumored creature believed to kill goats/sheep by biting their necks. He uses this stage name to "strike fear into his opponents".
  • El Chupacabra is a Gee Bee Model R, an aircraft that dates back to the early days of air racing.
  • His wingspan is 22.3 feet (6.8 meters).
  • He is a telenovela star, a romance novelist and a recording artist.
  • He is the only character to have two separate eyes, but it may only be because of his mask.
  • He is based on a masked wrestler, complete with his mask and cape. His colors are also the Mexican flag (red/white/green).


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