Flash the Wonderdog
Flash the Wonder Dog
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Rob Paulsen
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Flash
Personality Kind, caring, good, good-hearted, nice, generous, grateful, brave, cowardly (formerly), lovable, friendly, smart, and intelligent
Appearance Brown and yellow German Shepherd with beige paws and a belly; wearing a super-hero's costume (blue shirt with yellow spot marked with a red dog paw, red and yellow cape, and blue hood)
Occupation TV star actor, later; true hero
Affiliations Good
Goal To act as a super dog, later; to stop Fat Cat's evil plans
Home TV studio
Allies Conrad Cockatoo and the Rescue Rangers, Thunderbolt, Patch, Lucky, Pongo, Perdita, Dalmatian Puppies
Minions Conrad Cockatoo
Enemies Fat Cat and his gang, Cruella De Vil, Lil' Lightning
Likes Fans, his friends, gratitude, affection, looking like a true hero to everyone, and being a member of the Rescue Rangers
Dislikes Heights (formerly), revealing the truth to Dale about himself, his enemies, angry people coming after him, and his friends in danger
Powers and abilities
Weapons Teeth and claws
Fate Overcomes his fear of heights, saves Conrad, looks like a real hero to everyone, and is awarded honorary membership in the Rescue Rangers by the Rescue Rangers while returning them the favor by awarding Chip 'n Dale honorary "wonder dogs" (unnoticeably at first).
Quote "Hey, little fella. Who are you?"
"Sorry, little fella but, I'm no hero. I'm just a TV actor."
"Hey! That's me or somebody trying to be me."
"Hey, guys! Wait up! I wanted to say thanks. Thanks for helping me look like a hero!(after being awarded honorary membership in the Rescue Rangers) Aw, I wish I could do something for you guys."

Flash the Wonder Dog is a one-shot character who appeared in the episode "Flash the Wonder Dog" from the animated television show Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


He is a German Shepherd actor who stars in a TV show (also called Flash the Wonder Dog) in which he played a heroic dog who fought crime along with his bird sidekick, Conrad Cockatoo. In contrast to the role he played, the real Flash was very afraid of heights and had a stunt dog named Sam do some of the heroic stunts in some scenes for him. He was kidnapped (in other words, dognapped) by Fat Cat, who didn't like the fact that the hero and star of the show was a dog. Though Flash escaped with the help of the Rescue Rangers, Fat Cat and his gang framed him for several crimes. Seeing that Flash escaped and his sidekick, Conrad was going to be the new star in the new TV show, Conrad the Wonder Bird, Fat Cat came up with another plan on how to get rid of the bird using his Flash disguise "again" as another way of framing him. However, with the help of the Rescue Rangers, Flash not only cleared his name, but he overcame his fear of heights, saved Conrad, and looked like a real hero to everyone. He was awarded honorary membership in the Rescue Rangers while Chip 'n Dale were awarded honorary "wonder dogs" (unnoticeably at first).


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