Like Father, Like Son is a song from Oliver & Company 2. It is sung by Dodger's father Charlie about convincing him to get to know his parents. Bob Bergen provides Charlie's singing voice for the number with Frank Welker providing additional vocals.


Charlie: I've not seen you since you were a nipper, oh I wish I could back time

The happy days that you and I always spent together

Dodger: And I'd give anything to get them back, anything at all

Both: But somehow, we'll make it, together, like father, like son

Charlie: Oh, to relive the better days

Dodger: Makin' it side by side

Charlie: Together, we'll make it, and that's the truth

Both: Happiness is out there for us, a future warm and bright

Charlie: And together, we'll make it....

Dodger: Like father, like son

(end of song)

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