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Marsupilami is a fictional animal which first appeared in the Belgian comic book Spirou in 1952. He was created by André Franquin. Disney's version of the marsupilami first appeared on television in Raw Toonage in 1992, and was then spun off into his own eponymous show on the CBS network. Marsupilami's supporting characters included Maurice the Gorilla, Stewart the Elephant, Eduardo the Leopard, Norman the Poacher, Leonardo the Lion and other characters. The original Marsupilami stories by André Franquin never encountered a gorilla or elephant, since these species are native to Africa, while the marsupilami originates from South America.

There were thirteen episodes in the series, and the series lasted one season. Reruns of the show were aired on both Disney Channel as part of Disney Afternoon and Toon Disney.


Main Characters





  • Maurice (pictured) is a purple gorilla in a pink shirt. He is a sidekick and friend of Marsupilami. His burps and grunts are provided by Jim Cummings.
Marsupilami Meets Dr, NormanStein


  • Norman the poacher is the show's main villain. His voice is provided by Jim Cummings.
Mars' Problem Pachyderm


  • Stewart is Marsupilami's elephant friend who insisted on being addressed as "Stewart." Whenever Marsupilami called him "Stewie", he would shout, "That's Stewart!" Stewart's voice is that of Dan Castellaneta.


One Shot Characters

Hey! Hey! They're the Monkeys!

The Three Baby Monkeys


Aunt Bethie

  • Aunt Bethie (Romancing the Clone) and (Safari So Good) is Norman's Aunt and photographer and she was voiced by June Foray.


  • Cropsy (Cropsy-Turvy) is a nice creature that resembles the extinct giant ground sloth and he was voiced by Jim Cummings.

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