Mickie McGowan

Mickie McGowan (born January 2, 1938) is an American voice actress. She performed the voice of Mrs. Phillips in Toy Story, the Cockroach Waitress in A Bug's Life and also in the video game. She also played the mom at the yard sale in Toy Story 2, an additional voice in Monsters, Inc., additional voices in Cars, additional voices in WALL-E, additional voices in Tokyo Mater, Police Officer Edith in Up, and an additional voice in Toy Story 3. Her other Disney roles included additional voices in Home on the Range, Brother Bear, Treasure Planet, Lilo & Stitch, the English dub of Spirited Away, The Emperor's New Groove, Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World, Hercules, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, Gordy, A Far Off Place, Doug's 1st Movie, 101 Dalmatians, The Mighty Ducks and Turner & Hooch.

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