Mr. Harry Barker is the history teacher at Jenny Foxworth's school in Oliver & Company 2. He is voiced by Frank Welker.

Appearance and personality

Mr. Barker's appearance is heavily based on that of his voice artist, Frank Welker. He has sandy blond hair and hazel eyes. He sports a pale grey suit and brown leather brogues. Mr. Barker is a very sarcastic, criticizing individual. He has a bad sense of humor and, with the exception of his son Elliot Barker, is rather sharp and strict towards his students. He can also be rather judgmental and snide, telling the students they are lazy and "a bunch of pathetic weaklings"..

Role in the film

He first appears grading his class on a test they did the week prior. In first place is his son Elliot, who got full marks, to his joy. He then sharply tells most of the other students, including Jenny and her friends Kate, Stacy and Amanda, that the marks they got are "paltry" and "abysmal" and that they should "study more". Jenny and her friends comment that what he's doing is "SO unfair", to which he replies "I suggest you spend less time at the mall and more time sittin' on ya behind studying!" He and Elliot later make a brief appearance at Steve's Diner. After that, they don't appear for the remainder of the film.  

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