Nefu is a young mandrill and Rafiki's Nephew who appears in This Chore's a Bore.


Nefu is a young Mandrill with bright colors. His fur is a rich chocolate brown, his underbelly a darker version of that color. His hair appears braided into short stump dreadlocks, and is a dark cinnamon color.


Nefu is a rambunctious fellow, perhaps a teenager. He is lazy and snarky.


In the Timon & Pumbaa TV series

Nefu is in an episode called "Rafiki's Apprentice". And in a comic called "This Chore's a Bore".

In This Chore's a Bore


Nefu shirks his chores

Nefu is fiddling around with Rafiki's staff until the older mandrill orders him to clean up. The younger mandrill complains he wants to learn magic, real magic, instead of cleaning up Rafiki's Tree, so when his uncle leaves, he simply sweeps everything under the rug convinced he did "good enough." He goes to take a dip into waterhole, but finds it's caked with mud and scolds the monkeys who are supposed to prevent this from happening. While the two argue, the monkeys doing so with extreme apathy, The Hyenas appear. He turns to some cheetahs for help, wondering why they are guarding the perimeter. The cheetahs point out no hyena was bothering them so they were doing a good enough job. Nefu leaves the cheetahs and continues running from Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed.

Rafiki and Nefu

Nefu returns home where Rafiki tells him doing a bad job with something small could mess up something big, and orders to sweep better, however Nefu is still convinced he did good enough.



  • Nefu is the only relative of Rafiki to appear in a show as opposed to a book or comic.

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