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I know how some people can't stand sequels. But recently I was looking up Oliver and Company on Deviantart and one piece of artwork struck me. Just check this out!

As requested of me by John some time ago, this is an illustration for a sequel to Disney's "Oliver and Company." As far as we know, one is not in the works, but I've heard that it was once slated for production. Anywho, in our little, pretend film here, we pick up a few years later. Everyone is a bit older and there are a few new characters. The villain of our story is Sykes's wicked widow. We also have two puppy siblings, the children of Georgette and Tito. AND, we have a young, male hero, possibly related to Fagin, who perhaps is being manipulated by Mrs. Sykes through much of the picture. Oh, and then there's Mrs. Sykes's cat, Diamond, who could turn out to be a love interest for Oliver, unless she's just too bad. ------As written by slave2moonlight on!

We also have an other perfect concept where Dodger discovers his long-lost parents, voiced by Joe Alaskey and B.J. Ward

Personally, I think it's a cool concept! This is the link to the artist's page. What do you guys think? Clicky:


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