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Salty the Seal
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Mickey Mouse Works
House of Mouse
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Frank Welker
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Baby Seal
Seal Pup
The Littlest Sea Lion
The Bad Baby Seal
Personality Fun Loving, cute, disrespectful, mostly good
Appearance Small, black baby sea lion
Occupation Baby Seal
Goal To eat lots of fish
Home Mickey's Circus
The ocean (Pluto's Playmate)
The seal park (Mickey and the Seal
The ice (Rescue Dog)
Allies Ariel, Pluto, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
Enemies Donald Duck (formerly), Pluto (formerly)
Likes Stealing Fish, Playtime, Eating Fish
Dislikes Starving
Powers and abilities

Salty is a baby seal who first appeared in Mickey's Circus. His later roles would often pair him up with Pluto.


He is a seal who tends to show up in typical seal locations (the circus, the beach, the zoo, the arctic) and annoy Pluto into chasing him, causing Pluto to get into dangerous predicaments. Salty typically saves him, leading Salty and Pluto to become best friends—until Salty's next appearance, when the cycle begins again.

Otherwise, Salty is just a mischievous little seal pup but means no harm to anyone, as he is mostly driven by his childlike curiosity. And even when he gets in trouble, he's slippery and clever enough to avoid it.


Salty's debut appearance came in Mickey's Circus (1936), in which he tormented Donald Duck. Pluto's Playmate (1942), Rescue Dog (1947) and the particularly famous Mickey and the Seal (1948) followed.


Mickey Mouse Works

Salty shows up in one episode. Pluto's Seal Deal (1999) marked the first of Salty's more recent roles.

House of Mouse

Salty the Seal House of Mouse

Salty the Seal in House of mouse.

In an episode of House of Mouse "Snow Day" There's a big blizzard, which means that the House of Mouse is closed for the day... until Salty the Seal shows up, looking for some entertainment so Mickey and the gang puts on a show for him.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Salty's most recent appearances are in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Salty made his series debut in the episode "Pluto's Playmate" where Mickey and friends helped Salty learn tricks for his upcoming circus show. He was later seen in the jungle for the episode "Mickey's Fishy Story"


  • Despite being a seal, it looks more like a sea lion than a true seal.