Background information
Feature films House of Mouse: Donald's Heroes Vs. Villains
Television programs Darkwing Duck
Video games Darkwing Duck
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Rob Paulsen
Performance model
Inspiration Jaws from the James Bond series
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality smooth talking, sarcastic, calm
Appearance Slender rooster, with red hair and chin, a steel beak, cream colored body, white over coat with black buttons, red dress shirt, yellow bow-tie, gray pants, black and white shoes and blue feathers on his tail.
Occupation Agent of F.O.W.L.
Affiliations Bad
Home St. Canard
Minions The Eggmen
Enemies Darkwing Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Mickey and Friends
Likes Committing crimes
Dislikes Getting caught
Powers and abilities
Weapons His steel beak - it can cut through anything
Fate his plans are foiled by Darkwing Duck

Steelbeak is a character from Darkwing Duck. He is a member of the villainous organization FOWL.


Steelbeak is suave, smooth talking, sarcastic, calm, collected and very sharply dressed. He is basically based off a 1920's gangster. He is seldom seen angered but has been seen to throw tantrums when his plans start to fail. Due to his high rank in F.O.W.L., F.O.W.L. command allows him to do as he wishes and constantly back him regardless of any circumstances. Once when he wondered if he should disobey F.O.W.L Command his mirror reflection reminds him of the fate of a previous FOWL Chief Agent who also disobeyed orders-and who got put into six trash compactors.


Darkwing Duck

Book Appearances

Darkwing Duck (comic book)

In the Darkwing Duck comic series, Steelbeak allies with Darkwing when he discovers that FOWL is intending to awaken the monstrous Duckthulu, rebelling against his employers.

House of Mouse: Donald's Heroes Vs. Villains

In House of Mouse: Donald's Heroes Vs. Villains, Steelbeak is one of the secondary antagonist, and impossed of House of Mouse.


Darkwing Duck

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