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The Coachman
Background information
Feature films Pinocchio
Television programs House of Mouse
Disney's Greatest Villains
Video games Pinocchio
Park attractions Pinocchio's Daring Journey
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Charles Nichols
Norman Ferguson
Kathy Zielinski
Voice Charles Judels (1940)
Ray Templin
Corey Burton (present)
Harald Mæle (Norwegian)
Performance model
Inspiration The Coachman from the original story of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi
Mr. Bumble from Oliver Twist
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Sadistic, ruthless, mean, evil, cruel
Appearance Obese, white hair, long red coat with big brass buttons, green eyes, black boots
Occupation Coachman, ferryman, overseer and owner of Pleasure Island
Affiliations Bad
Goal To take as many 'stupid little boys' as possible to Pleasure Island; they turn into donkeys, which he then sells in bulk
Home Pleasure Island (may also have stayed in The Red Lobster)
Allies J. Worthington Foulfellow, Gideon
Minions J. Worthington Foulfellow, Gideon, Minions
Enemies Pinocchio, Lampwick, Alexander, the Stupid Little Boys,
Likes Money, turning naughty boys into donkeys, getting his way
Dislikes Little boys, talking donkeys, not getting what he wants
Powers and abilities
Weapons Whip
Fate In both the novel and the film, his fate (if any) is left ambiguous. In the video game, he gets kicked down a cliff by Pinocchio.

It's likely that at some point he would run out of stupid little boys to turn into donkeys.

Quote (barking orders to his minions)"Alright now, hop to it you blokes."
"Finely there now, we haven't got all night!"
"You boys will make a nice price!"
"QUIET! You Boys have had your fun, Now pay for it!"
"They Never come back as BOYS!"

The Coachman (also known as Barker) is one of the primary antagonists (along with J. Worthington) featured in Pinocchio. He enlists J. Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon (who are both terrified by him) to bring him "stupid little boys" (among them Pinocchio and Lampwick); he then takes them in a stagecoach to Pleasure Island, where the boys are free to "tear the place apart", though "they never come back... as boys!" He is perhaps the most sadistic Disney villain by actions and his pleasure in torturing children. However, he could also be considered to be moralistic in his own dark and twisted way, as he teaches the boys a pricey lesson for prolonged misbehavior. He was voiced by Charles Judels (who also voiced Stromboli).

Role in the film

The Deal

The Coachman is first seen sitting at a table in the bar of The Red Lobster with J. Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon. He puffs quietly on his pipe, listening quietly and intently as the fox proudly recalls selling Pinocchio to Stromboli. Foulfellow then produces a small bag of money - Stromboli's payment - as proof of his success, and inquires about the Coachman's business. The Coachman gets Foulfellow's attention when he places a huge sack of money, promising them "some real money" if they help him. He tells the fox and cat that he is collecting "stupid little boys" to take to Pleasure Island. Foulfellow is frightened at the mention of Pleasure Island, and he and Gideon jump when the Coachman gleefully laughs about his wicked business. He tells the two crooks to meet him with a group of boys at the crossroads of the village, where he will be waiting with his stagecoach, which is pulled by six donkeys; he promises to pay them well. Among the boys Foulfellow takes to the Coachman are Pinocchio (who has just escaped Stromboli) and Lampwick. Jiminy Cricket, fearing for Pinocchio's safety, accompanies the wooden boy.

Pleasure Island

The Coachman takes the coachload of boys to a ferry bound for Pleasure Island, a naughty boys' paradise, where the boys are free to run riot without fear of reprimand from adults or mature teenagers until they make such "jackasses" of themselves that they turn into donkeys for the Coachman to sell into slavery. The Coachman whips his minions, ordering them to shut the gates, trapping the boys on the island. Later that night, Jiminy Cricket finds the Coachman's minions loading crates of donkeys onto boats. The Coachman examines every donkey, first checking that it can no longer talk by asking its name, then, if the response is a hee-haw, ripping off the creature's clothes, if it has any on, before his minions throw the animals into crates. One donkey, Alexander, can still talk, and cries to be allowed to go home. The Coachman throws Alexander into a pen of still-talking donkeys. These donkeys are presumably kept by the Coachman to pull his stagecoach.

At this point, Jiminy realizes the fate of Pleasure Island's visitors and rushes to warn Pinocchio. Though Lampwick is transformed into a donkey, Pinocchio, despite growing donkey ears and a tail, manages to escape the island, with Jiminy's help. After that, the Coachman is not seen again in the film.


Like most villains including Captain Hook and Lord Voldemort the Coachman is sadistic, enjoying other people's pain and is also very cruel whipping his minions and also selling? Little Boys for slavery though it wouldn't be of much use with them being turned into donkeys. He is also ruthless and prepares to let nothing stand in his way

Disney Parks

The Coachman appears in Pinocchio's Daring Journey and it's Pleasure Island sequences and tries to cage riders to keep them from escaping. He was also once a walkaround character.


  • Charles Judels, the voice of the Coachman, also did the voice of Stromboli.
  • The Coachman did get his comeuppance in the SNES Pinocchio video game; he gets kicked down a cliff by Pinocchio.
  • The Coachman might not be human. Some possible hints at this being the demonic face he makes when revealing his Pleasure Island plan, his shadowy minions who may not be human either, and the fact that he has four fingers on each hand while every other human character has five, though this could be a technical fault since four fingered gloves were easier to draw.
    • This said, the Coachman could very well be a demon in disguise, or at least he has access to magic, since he clearly is responsible for the transformation of all the boys who come to Pleasure Island
  • Curiously, despite being one of the most vicious of all the Disney Villains, the Coachman appears in little to no material centering the villains.
  • The Coachman may be the only English character on Pinocchio speaking in a mid cockney accent.
  • The Coachman is the first British Disney villian.  The other two who are British are Edgar and Clayton.


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