Tarzan2 847
Background information
Feature films Tarzan II
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice George Carlin

Jess Harnell (currently)

Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Pleasant, nice, daring
Appearance Slender brown gorilla, old
Occupation "Monster"
Affiliations Good
Home Dark Mountain (formerly), his tree
Allies Tarzan, Terk, Tantor, Mama Gunda, Uto & Kago
Enemies Mama Gunda (formerly), Uto & Kago (formerly)
Likes Having his privacy
Dislikes Being annoyed
Powers and abilities
Fate Goes to live with Mama Gunda and her two boys.

The Zugor is a character in Tarzan II.

Tarzan II

Zugor is an old hermit ape living in a hollow tree on Dark Mountain. He is the "monster" feared by Young Tarzan and almost all the animals, even Sabor. He claims he is alone because he got old and unable to keep up with his migrating family. However, when Tarzan tells the gorilla he is a danger to his own family, Zugor is rattled by this revelation. Tarzan blackmails Zugor into helping him figure out what he is; in return, Tarzan will not tell anyone he is the "monster". As time passes, Zugor grows fond of Tarzan, even letting him be a "Zugor-in training" when Tarzan starts to think he is nothing at all. When Tarzan accidentally reveals Zugor's secret, he is angry and hurt at the betrayal, which results in his tree getting destroyed by Kago and Uto. He later comes to Tarzan's rescue with a vine for him to use to terrorize the two brothers. While Tarzan deals with them, Zugor trades insults with Mama Gunda, which ends with him accidentally saying that she has beautiful eyes. After the fight, Gunda and her boys leave to live with the Zugor and fix his tree.

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